stjude_finding_digital_300x250-fcsc-camilaThere are many reasons to donate to charity and many causes why.  But you need to donate because it is the right thing to do.  You know there are so many others out there who need your help, it’s not funny.

What this website is all about is giving and reasons why you should give and giving you the courage to find it in you to give.

There is no excuse for not giving either your time and or some money to charity every single month or even year.

This is what’s know as doing Gods work and helping others in life and you should want nothing in return at all.

Weather you help a lonely homeless person who looks like a bum to others or if you help a child who has cancer.  The best part is you are helping and making the world a much better place.

Some of the places we like to dedicate charity to are St Jude’s Children’s hospital.  but this is just our favorite, what is yours?

Volunteer CVS is dedicated to the community in several ways.  We help give back to communities and business who are in need of help.   Many business owners lack the funds to pull their company back up out of tough economic times.  They never lack from creativity but they sometimes lack knowledge and funds.

Business’s such as iPhone Mend & Ohio Computer Pros,  have benefited greatly from this program, along with others like Oasis window cleaners & The Nlm Whole Living Therapy Shop .

Who We Work With


We work with several industry giants to help small business’s succeed.



Website Marketing Pros LLC

Corporate Partners

We have several partners who donate on a regular basis and help give back.

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