Business Volunteering is a way of life

business volunteers charityVolunteer CVS is dedicated to the community in several ways.  We help give back to communities and business who are in need of help.   Many business owners lack the funds to pull their company back up out of tough economic times.  They never lack from creativity but they sometimes lack knowledge and funds.

We offer several ways for business’s to succeed once again.

Helping Small companies Get Back On Their Feet

In today’s business world, things and competition is fierce and tough.  Many small companies have gone out of business in the last few years.  And the kicker is, many of these companies were in business for many years.

Who We Work With

We work with several industry giants to help small business’s succeed.




Corporate Partners

We have several partners who donate on a regular basis and help give back:

Score – Service Core Of Retired Executives

COSE – Counsel of smaller enterprises

iPhone Mend



Nlm Whole Living

Oasis Window Cleaners

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