Donate to charity

Donate to charityHave you even wondered about if you should donate to charity or not?

We think many people do and they are either sitting on the fence about why they should do it or sometimes they are just unsure how to go about giving.

Well we are here to give you a little pep talk and help you along with your giving.  You see there is one thing we believe greatly and is the number 1 reason we made this website other thank helping people.

The Secret To Living is Giving

Ok you caught us here, we are not the first ones to say this.  We actually heard this from Tony Robbins who says he figured this out one night when he actually pulled over his car and wrote this down on a piece of paper.

This should be one of the best and most important reasons to giving.  Is that its just right to give and help others in need.

Take the children of St. Jude for example.  They did not ask to live this kind of life at all and be thrown into childhood cancer.

So, they need some help from awesome people like you who found this article