Finding God and All Else

finding-god-and-jesusSo my story starts that I have been in and out of thing s in front of the Lord throughout my life but I have finally accepted Jesus many years ago.

Now I am just getting started again asking Jesus and the Lord our Father God to forgive me of my sins and to help save my soul with repentance.

You known it’s really an easy thing to do, to ask God for forgiveness.    You just have to leave your heart open and allow god to come in and take a hold of your heart.

He is awesome and an all forgiving God and believe me you can still have fun in life and even have sex when you find the right person.

What you will be going away from is bad things that God does not like for you to live life with like fornication, bad sex, lying, porn, drunkenness and all the other bad things.

stjude_finding_digital_300x250-fcsc-camilaFor if you clean up your life from these things and ask God and Jesus for forgiveness, you will be forgiven and you will then start to live as God has intended you to live.

Ask yourself a question.  You know your life is short here on earth and you know this life is only temporary.  Then, why not do you not follow the way of God and all his teachings.

For God is a good God but he is also a Jealous God.  He just wants you to praise him and all he has done for you.

Look, God and Jesus love you so much, more than you will ever know.  This is the reason we have free reign down here on earth.

But if we continue to do bad and not ask for forgiveness then it’s our salvation, and our soul.

Think about that.  Do you want to spend eternity cast into the lake of FIRE, or do you want to spend your time with God and Jesus in Heaven?

God gives us so many chances and many times it is so obvious that it could have bitten us.  But you have to understand what God really wants for us.

Take the time now to change your heart and do the things God will deam necessary for us to get into heaven and call ourselves Christians.

Accept Jesus into your heart and decide you are going to follow Jesus.  For no one will make it to the father except through Jesus.

Just take some time and tell Jesus you love him and even cry out if you have to and ask for forgiveness.

For God will forgive if you are serious about wanting to quit sin and live the life of almighty God.